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We use creative training methods to insure a great learning experience. Once you provide us the expected results, we design the course using whatever method works best for the group, customizing each method to the individual style of learning.


Coaching for us means working with our clients to help them find their own route to success. When a person experiences being coached, their motivation comes from working with trainers who are upbeat and positive role models - a good description of our team.


We can adapt to any situation and our responsiveness is first class. We develop assessment activities that fit your special needs. We insure personalised feedback to each participant, helping him develop further irrespective of the results in the assessment center.

Partener in proiectul "OUR TOWN"

"When you get tired of nice theories and academical recipes that everybody agrees with but nobody follows, give the people from AxA a call. They know what happens in the real world"
Mihai Muntean - A&D Pharma

"In their strive for better quality and endless innovation, understanding and foreseeing what is important for us, AxA Consulting has proven to be a reliable and trusted business partner. Their perseverance and natural enthusiasm combined with high professionalism have been a perfect match to our company culture."
Ruxandra Sterie - Ericsson

"Thank you for being as professional as I expected you to be. It is crystal clear for me why I choose AxA. I get what I expect and something more, that's something that comes from the trainers and always makes a difference."
Mihaela Petrache - Hilton

About us

  • 1998 - Our Humble Beginnings

    After getting experienced in sales/distribution, PR, banking, marketing, recruiting and training, the idea of starting our training company flourished.

  • 1999 - Facing Startup Battles

    The real word looked tougher that we expected, but we managed to win our first clients: British American Tobbacco, Ericsson and dufa Romania.

  • 2008 - A new winning strategy

    AxA became a "mobile" company, each of us working from his cosy desk. We celebrated a portofolio of 50 major companies, covering all fields of activity, no industry being left aside.

  • 2009 - Enter the dark days

    As a service provider, we have resented the European crisis. Hopefully, we were partners in various European projects that kept us going.

  • September 2013 - Our triumph

    Our workload started to multiply exponentially and we hardly have a day off... since :)

  • our amazing team

    Cristia Maksutovici


    Modest and optimistic, Cristia creates a special working atmosphere that motivates participants to accept feedback and start implementing the knowledge they get to their workplace.

    Serban Svoronos


    Result oriented and straight forward, Serban helps the participants to develop new skills and challenges their thinking and their creativity.


    Support :)

    Our support team is here to ensure all your and our needs are met. He is the most motivating team member you can get!

    Customer service is of paramount importance to us and we are only ever a phone call or email away.


    Our courses are personalized for each client and each group. We focus on the objectives to be attained and we choose the appropriate activities every minute before and during the course delivery. We treat every group individually, so every course is different.

    Management Skills

    Thousands of managers discovered techniques of developing and coordinating their team from recruiting the new members, to motivating each individual and evaluating their performance. They have increased their skills in setting clear and realistic objectives, in problem solving and decision making, in coaching and mentoring techniques, in conflict mediation and influencing, in delegating and change management. We have developed managerial programs varying from a 3 days course to 18 months programs (that includes coaching and continuous online support).

    Personal Development

    Courses as emotional intelligence, creative thinking, stress management, planning and organizing - managing self, setting objectives, effective communication, assertiveness, team-working are always a benefit for our participants, but also for the organization they work in.

    Functional Skills

    If there is a need to refine and strengthen your presentation, increase your sales or better negotiate, manage your time and workload or plan the resources for your project, design better activities for the training you are delivering or overcome the stress of delivering a public speech, deal with difficult clients - we create hands on experiences, so that participants leave the course with the specific skill exercised and higher confidence.


      Effective Communication

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      Effective Communication

      Communication is the glue that keeps us together!

      It aims at improving the participants ability to manage a difficult dialogue, to give constructive criticism, to listen prior to taking actions, to structure and facilitate discussions leading to result-oriented actions. It helps participants to communicate with difficult people or in difficult situations.




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      Team Building

      Knowledge results from the combinations of grasping and transforming experience. We provide common experiences in order to enhance trust and communication among participants, creating situations in which participants need to plan, to organize, to assume roles, to asses their activity and act as a team. It develops creativity and team spirit.

      Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.




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      The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.

      Building awareness of how somebody's working time is spent. It provides the tools for helping participants increase the efficiency of their time at work and the ability to work under time pressure, to be task oriented and organized.




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      The course will provide the opportunity to identify participants' own challenges in maintaining positive environments and collaborative relationships as well as overcoming resistance and negativity. Participants will explore tools, techniques, skills and perceptions to perform their role and manage their emotions with confidence and positive results.

      Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.



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      The way you treat yourself sets the standards for others. - Arisotel

      The course can help participants improve tactful communication and confidence in handling others' difficult behaviours, it enables them to manage colleagues and friends effectively, achieve greater control of their daily activities and enjoy greater self-esteem so that they can increase work effectiveness and productivity. The participants will be able to stand up for what they want, to state their needs clearly, to express opposition, to react properly in a confrontation so that it will be a win-win situation.




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      successful selling

      Structuring and refreshing the participants selling techniques, brush up their negotiating and selling skills, increasing participants' self confidence, improving the client-oriented attitude and communication skills.

      If people like you, they'll listen to you, but if they trust you, they'll do business with you.


      Excellence in

      client service

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      Excellence in client service

      If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.

      Increasing a professional client-oriented attitude, improving the participants verbal and non-verbal communication skills, developing a pro-active attitude towards clients, brushing up some techniques in overcoming complaints and conflicts. It contributes to obtaining better results and increasing clients' loyalty.

      Excellence is not an event - it is a habit. - Aristotel




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      Conflict Management

      The course allows participants to chose the best method from a variety of situations. It trains participants in structuring and facilitating discussions so that they obtain the best results. Any employee who wishes to sharpen his ability to solve conflicts and have motivating work relations should participate.

      Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.




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      Problem solving

      A highly practical course which is designed to give most of the tools and techniques needed to be able to solve simple and complex problems quickly and easily. It provides participants with the knowledge, tools and techniques to be better at solving problems effectively and efficiently.




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      performance evaluation

      It enhances the capability to manage team performance, to motivate the team to take the responsibility of its own actions and to develop their abilities. Gives all the do and dont's in performance evaluation.


      coaching &


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      coaching & mentoring

      The course guides the participants in brushing up their constructive communication skills in order to support high performances for obtaining better results through cooperation and trust. It shows how to set professional development objectives with the coachees/mentees.




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      influencing skills

      This course will enable participants to practice the necessary skills to fulfil their personal objectives, whilst maintaining strong, long-lasting professional relationships. It is particularly recommended for anyone required to manage, to motivate or to influence their colleagues, customers or suppliers.




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      Successful presentations

      Training participants in developing and delivering powerful presentations, increasing the participants' ability to structure a presentation, developing their skills in delivering a powerful message, helping them to deal with difficult audience and to control their anxiety.


      Train of


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      Participants will be able to identify and analize training needs, apply interactive training methods, design and deliver training sessions using the appropriate methods and tools, will be able to elaborate training materials according to training needs, evaluate training sessions. The course improves participants ability to deliver an on-the job or off the job training by delivering formal and informal presentations in their field of activity. It helps participants to make their training and coaching less boring and of a higher impact of the trainees. The participants will brush up training, coaching and counselling techniques in order to help their team and colleagues become more efficient and effective.



      in focus

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      People in focus

      Improving attitude and communication at work, developing initiative and proactive behaviour , assuming responsibilities and implementing constructive initiatives. The course helps all employees wishing to refine communication skills and interpersonal relations, to live a quality life, to develop a long term relationship at work.

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